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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Keep Moving

 a sonnet by Logan

The inspiration behind this sonnet, a homework assignment given to Logan, was the overwhelmed feeling from never ending homework.  She later realized that it applies to so many other areas in life.  (Yes, I am a proud mom!)

Keep Moving

Sometimes just trying itself seems too hard.
I'd like to give up, but that isn't me.
If I were to quit, I'd never get far.
Move on, I will, despite troubles I see.
Whenever I fall, I'll fight to get up.
Whenever I fail, I'll stand twice as strong.
Success is a battle; not purely luck
Mistakes are lessons as you move along.
When I'm exhausted and tempted to stop
And my mind has been working without a break
When I feel overwhelmed and soon to drop
I'm not so sure how much more I can take
But though it seems there is nothing to gain
I'll keep moving hard and working through pain.


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  1. Although it doesn't specifically mention jiu jitsu it definitely sounds like it is talking about grappling. I like it, keep up the good work.