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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lessons in Losing

By Jen

Yesterday I participated in my third bjj tournament. I placed second in the female blue belt light division at the Miami Open. (Yeah!)

Looking back at all three tournaments, there is a pattern of winning my first match and losing my second. With each loss, I’m disappointed, but I take away a lesson.

Miami Open 2009 – Lesson 1: Work on escaping full mount, especially with a much heavier competitor. I think I’m finally beginning to grasp this one.

Naga June 2010 – I mentally defeated myself. I tapped in the last half minute of the match. I panicked in a choke. I should have won that match on points. Lesson 2 – don’t panic!

Miami Open 2010Lesson 3: Eat better and rest more. I ran out of fuel during the 1st match. I felt dizzy the minute I stepped out on the mat for the 2nd match. This caused me to defeat myself mentally before the match ever began. Lesson 4: I cannot defeat myself mentally. I tried to overcome this in the beginning, but as soon as my competitor got into a more dominant position, I defeated myself. Lesson 5: Improve on pushing the legs, stepping back and passing. Marcelo knows this is one of my weaknesses because he has me drill it often. I try to avoid doing it because I know I’m weak here. Yesterday proved to me that I better keep drilling.
A few more words on the nourishment – I still need to figure out how to manage the weight. Weighing in with the gi stressed me out. I normally walk around between 135 and 138, so I knew I had to be careful in order to make 141 or under with my gi. As usual, I went a little overboard and ate and drank very little on Friday and Saturday. Normally I eat about 6 large and small meals and drink about 6 bottles of water between the hours of 5 am and 1 pm, so I was HUNGRY. I ended up coming in somewhere at 137 or 138 with the gi– meaning I could have nourished myself more.

I was proud to be there with Nova Uniao South Florida. I watched the video of my matches and heard the great cheering section I had in my team. I train with a great group of people – not full of egos and attitudes like you see with some of the other coaches and competitors. We’re all here to support each other.

A goal for the next tournament – break my streak of winning 1 and losing 1!


  1. Congratulations!

    To cut or not to cut, that is the question. I have done the exact same thing on more than one occasion, only to weigh in 5-7 pounds under. (I am middle weight). It's very frustrating because all of a sudden you are worried that consuming one banana will add 10 pounds. Ah the challenge!

  2. congrats! I like your attitude - hope you are happy with your tournament. You should be very proud of yourself. :)

  3. I watched you grapple!! I was in the middle of filming one of my teammates and I tried to run over there and find you afterwards to say hi but you were gone. Booo! Next time, maybe.

    I would have been in your division if I had been able to compete, and I have to say you and the girl you fought looks really good out there. I was glad I didn't have to take you on! You fought really well!

  4. Thanks everyone! Sorry I missed you, Allison. Next time we'll have to meet up for sure. I hope you're able to get back to training soon.

  5. VIDEOS?!?! And you didn't post them so we can see. I would love to see you grapple. I think any mom that gets out there is a victory.

    Cutting weight - I don't do it. Cutting weight is too stressful and competing is stressfull enough. But then I'm in the tiny tooth fairy division... So don't listen to me.

  6. @ combat -I'll post a video soon so you can see just how gassed I was :). You're so funny - sounds like you don't have to worry about weight at all. :) I'm thinking about fighting heavier next time - we'll see.

  7. Congratulations! Nice bling you got there :)

    Winning over myself mentally is also a major problem for me in tournaments.

  8. I feel you on the weight cutting thing. We're the same size (though I imagine you're taller! I am short for my weight ;)) and IBJJF tournaments always wig me out. It doesn't help that I really can vary in weight 4-6 lbs in a single day (amazingly from eating nothing, or eating one banana) AND I have to fly to IBJJF tournaments so I have to sit still, retain water, not work out, not have a scale handy, etc etc.

    I try to counteract this by routinely training on an empty stomach without having had food/water that day, so that the feeling is familiar. And it doesn't hurt that I have a camel's hump (my derriere) sufficient for a month on a desert island.

    VIDEOS! :)

  9. I cringe everytime I watch the videos - even the match I won. You'll notice how tired I was because I actually tried to help the girl up at one point. I didn't believe my husband until I saw it for myself.

    I posted my win and my loss :

    Here's match one -

    and match two -

  10. @ Jonna - thank you.

    @ Georgette - I can't even think about the whole travelling thing. And I thought I had it hard.