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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jane Says...Holiday Eating Tip

Following up to my post on Weight Watchers, I must give credit to the leader of my 7am Saturday meeting, Jane, for helping me through the weight loss process. Jane was a high energy, tall, thin, Lifetime Weight Watcher from New York. She was a bit of a character who kept our group motivated and educated with all sorts of tips and tricks.

Jane's approach to the holidays was most useful and most memorable. The holidays are a time when many fall of the wagon which can lead to feelings of guilt, hopelessness and ultimately abandonment of the program. She taught us how to approach the holidays. We had 3 choices.

1. Stay on the program as religiously as possible. Adapt recipes according to the meal plan and continue counting points and tracking your food. If you are hosting, you might want to warn your guests that your menu will be Weight Watcher friendly. If you are a guest at someone else's house, this may require you bringing your own dish.

2. Plan your meals for the week to accommodate for the extra points that you will be accumulating on the holiday. Save before and after so you stay within your target for the week.

3. Decide to enjoy the holiday with the food. Eat the yummy stuff in moderation and get right back on the program the following day. Realize that you just may gain a pound or two as a result, but don't feel guilty because you have made the decision to do this, and get right back on the program the next day!

I always chose option 3. Jane was good to point out to us that it was a little crazy how we go so nuts over pumpkin pie, stuffing, yam casserole and more on Thanksgiving Day. After all, isn't this food available every other day of the year? Personally, there is just something about the comfort of sharing these foods with my family on a special day that makes it all worth it.

So I plan to splurge tomorrow, and enjoy all of the good stuff while giving thanks for all of the blessings in my life!

Happy & blessed Thanksgiving to you all!

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