This started as a blog about training together as a family, in part to inspire other women & families to get involved. As female participation in jiu jitsu has increased, as we have grown as athletes and as we learned that families training together aren’t such an anomaly, the blog has evolved. Jen gets personal with posts on ambition, challenges & achievements in BJJ, CrossFit & with nutrition, while Tom's posts are more educational, informative and analytical in regards to training. On occasion you may hear from the kids.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to build a Pull Up Bar for BJJ training.

posted by Tom


  1. Totally awesome. Happy use!

  2. Really well thought out and versatile. Great blog. BTW--Where did you find that neck attachment?

  3. Thank you, the neck harness is made by Everlast. I bought it awhile ago at Sports Authority.