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Monday, October 4, 2010

Whats in my gym bag

My gym bag is like a jiu jitsu survival kit. Here are the contents:
1. Bottled water, at least 3 for class and a few extras. Often new members forget to bring water and I will offer them one.
2. First aid kit. Occasionally we get nicked or scraped while rolling and it is important to have something to stop the bleeding and some neosporin to prevent infection. Again, we share with our class mates.
3. A clip to hold our head gear (ear guards) on the outside of the bag. It is better to keep them in the open air and not shoved in a dark stuffy place ripe for bacteria growth.
4. A clean t-shirt to change into after class. It is good to have a complete change of clothes, a towel and soap in case you need to run some where after class.
5. A light snack like a banana to hold me over until I eat dinner after class. I do not eat much before class anymore, it slows you down and makes you feel like puking after a hard roll.
6. Toilet paper. I did not put it in the bag but it is there. It might be useful someday so I will leave it there.
7. Gym ID holder clipped on the bag.
8. Glasses case so they do not get crushed.
9. Athletic tape for taping up injured fingers or toes.

Here are some essential BJJ items that used to be in my bag, I now leave them home.

10. Zeasorb-AF, a powder that will kill ring worm, athletes foot and helps prevent heat rash.
11. Nu skin, liquid bandage that stings like hell but is great for covering mat burns (skin that is peeled off due to repeated friction).
12. Tinactin spray, prevents athletes foot.
13. Ice bag filled with little balls resembling frozen peas. The ice bag conforms to your body and is great for pain relief of injuries.
14. My favorite pain relief item can not fit in my gym bag. It is the HoMedics Shiatsu Back Massager. It fits on the back of a chair and is the next best thing to having a little kid walk on your back. My kids are pretty smart and they tend to run away when I lay on the floor around them after class.

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