This started as a blog about training together as a family, in part to inspire other women & families to get involved. As female participation in jiu jitsu has increased, as we have grown as athletes and as we learned that families training together aren’t such an anomaly, the blog has evolved. Jen gets personal with posts on ambition, challenges & achievements in BJJ, CrossFit & with nutrition, while Tom's posts are more educational, informative and analytical in regards to training. On occasion you may hear from the kids.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day – Time to Rebalance

By Jen

First day of school AND the first day of Tom’s return to work. Our lives are about to be filled with homework, field trips, scouts, Sunday school and more.

When Tom lost his job more than a year ago we were forced to take hard look at our budget and determine what could stay and what had to go. BJJ was a non-issue – we knew it had to stay. Going to class was what kept us going on some of those stressful days. We’d rather do without the vacations, dinners out and trips to the movies then give up our time on the mats. How fortunate that as a family we agreed.

I’m thrilled that Tom is back to work. Although, admittedly, it was a huge help to have him more available to manage the day to day needs of the kids. It will take some shifting and balancing to keep all of the activities going as he returns to the workforce. Fortunately, we’re blessed with his mother who generously helps us balance it all.

Today brings new changes. We’ll need to plan, stay organized, remain flexible and be a little creative, but we’ll make it work. With all that we have going on we know that we’ll still need our time on the mat to keep us going. It’s just a matter of staying committed - and with our love for BJJ – that’s easy!


  1. though am not married yet but i understand exactly what you are talking about, very nice post :)

  2. Congrats on such a healthy choice for your family. Years ago the thing I couldn't bear to be without was cable. Now=Internet and BJJ :)