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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The stages of competition, the way that I see it.

by Jen

I recently identified a cycle of emotions that I traditionally follow around each competition. Here are the stages of competition, at least the way that I see it.

Stage 1: Discovery - Excitement as I set my sights on a new competition.  I mentally debate whether or not I should register, although I know in my heart that I will unless I have a work, budgetary or other personal conflict.  I imagine myself excelling!

Stage 2:  Preparation - Focused training towards tangible goals that will lead to my success. I drive my family crazy because the training consumes me and is all that I can talk about! I eat, sleep and breathe for my training. 

Stage 3:  1 Week Out - Panic

7 days out:  What was I thinking?  I still can't blank, blank and blank (Fill in the blanks with whatever skills I have been working towards.)

6 to 2 days out - Smart training focused around skill, not intensity, allowing for rest.  Eating very healthy.

1 day out - Extreme panic, rest, good night sleep, mental preparation.

Stage 4:  Day of -Wake up feeling like I either want to cry or throw up.  I can't believe I signed up to do this again.  Quiet morning meditation, motivational playlist on my Ipod, good breakfast. Let's do this.

Arrive at the venue and feed off of the excitement of the other competitors.  Rely on my IPOD to help get me into the zone.

Know in my heart that I did everything I could  to prepare.  Do my absolute best to make my family, coaches and team proud.

Stage 5: Post Competition - 24 hours post competition - relive everything that I did right, and even more, everything that I could have done better.  Feeling so grateful for the team of people who supported me and helped me prepare.

This leads to a feeling of let down that the big event is over (similar to the let down after a big holiday or vacation).

Quietly work and train...until I discover the next big competition and start the cycle all over again..

Do you experience anything similar?

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  1. hahaha! I go through a very similar cycle.

    Except for this most recent competition. Bringing the girls from our women's team really put my emotions in order. I felt as though I absolutely had to keep my head in the game, emotions in check and have a good time. Allie and I are their examples, (which is weird!) and I knew if I panicked, freaked out or acted anything other than calm and collected I would give them a bad example. I realize it isn't true now, (We are all human after all.) but it helped me a lot at the time...

    I walked out on the mat knowing regardless of what happened I had to walk off, smiling and proud of myself... because that is what I tell them they should do.

    I lost and I won, and both times I was able to pull off the happy proud of myself because I was actually happy and proud of myself... which was nice because at the Miami Open I was a total sobbing wreck the second I could hide from my team. haha

    I now expect myself to behave like a sane adult at every competition from now on. It is all in my head, and I can over come that if I really want to. (Someone remind me of this in July.)