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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am Eating Primal ( and my open letter of apology to Tom)

Dear Tom, 

I should have known. You’ve done it before. Years ago you suggested we take up running. I threw a tantrum every time it was time to run the track at the Y. But one day, like Forrest Gump, I wanted to keep running, keep running, and keep running. I found it therapeutic and a great way to stay in shape. It was not long before I yearned for my next morning beach run and 5k. 

 A few years later you suggested we try jiu jitsu. I pouted. I threw a tantrum on the way to the gym. I almost cried and refused to get out of the car. I do not have to tell anyone how that story ends.

Most recently, you suggested we try eating Primal. What?! Give up my bread, my candy, cookies? What will we eat? Do you know how much money that will cost? Do you know how much work that will take? But you stuck with your plan whether or not I followed. I think you knew that the competitor in me would not last in watching you eat healthier and shed weight without me. So yes, shortly after, I followed. And yes, I love it! 

I guess you can say that I don't like change.  But thank you for encouraging the changes and bringing out the best in me no matter how much I pout, kick and scream and throw a tantrum. You truly do complete me and help to make me a better person each day. 

 Love you with all my heart, Jen

I am in my 3rd week of going primal. Why Primal instead of Paleo? I will not restate the differences that I’ve learned from this blog post. The main selling point for me was that I can keep my dairy.

Tom went all out from the beginning. I started in phases. On Ash Wednesday I gave up the rest of my “forbiddens” (peanut butter and chocolate milk).

 Just a few notes from my experience thus far:
 • It really is not that much more expensive. We used to go through bread, chips and other snacks like crazy. We do not buy much of this stuff anymore (just for kids – after all, they are still kids).
 • I do not need to eat every two hours anymore. This shocked me. The meals and snacks keep me satisfied much longer.
 • The kids are eating the meals without much effort on our part. They like the variety of new meals and snacks.
 • My grocery cart is a lot lighter because it is no longer full of foods with bulky packaging.
 • It takes a lot of planning. The Primal Blue print cookbooks have been my saving grace. I create my grocery list based on the meals I have planned for each week. This also helps with the budget because I stick to the list.
• Cutting and chopping takes extra time in the kitchen. It’s time to invest in a food processor. It is also time to get the kids involved in prepping.
 • It may be the placebo affect, but I feel good.
 • Tom has dropped more weight than I have, but again, I feel really good.

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  1. Good job! I'm attempting a Paleo diet, but I add some dairy and peanut butter. ;)

    Keep up the good work.