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Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Cannot Stop!

Sprinting to the finish line with dead Ipod in hand.

by Jen

Some friends and I recently discussed songs and inspiring words that keep us going during runs, workouts and competitions. My Mud Run partner, Jenny, and I both agree that Eminem's Lose Yourself is just what we need. David, another runner, suggested Van Halen's Right Here. My sister uses the words of her trainer, "Be the boss of your body!" Tom jokes that he reminds himself that "it's almost over." Logan strives to do her best and asks herself "What's the worst that can happen?"

At our BJJ School, Marcelo's slogan is "You Get What You Give." Love it, although there is another phrase that he uses that helped me the other day.

It was Mother's Day weekend and I wanted to race in the Run for the Roses Mother's Day 5k. The event was hosted by a local running club which meant the good runners were going to be out. Rather than try to beat those "6 minute milers", I showed up with the goal to beat my personal best.

I was tempted to quit when my Ipod died in the first mile. I figured walking away over a broken Ipod would look pretty weak so I kept going. I used the sound of my footsteps and people cheering us on to stay motivated.

I was exhausted but gained new strength when I saw the finish line within reach. That is until I turned the corner and realized there were more twists and turns. There was a much longer road ahead. I nearly gave up on my goal to beat my personal best. At this point, I just wanted to finish.

Then, from within, I heard Marcelo's voice in my head "You cannot stop!" Wait, this is what I hear when I am on the bottom of a roll, tired, squashed and tempted to wait it out until the 6 minutes are over.

"You cannot stop." Wow, those words work on and off the mat - thanks Marcelo. Before I knew it, the finish line was within reach. The time clock showed that I had seconds to beat my personal goal so I sprinted, finished and collapsed. (A true sign of knowing you gave everything is when you can do nothing but collapse at the end!)

End of the story, I missed by personal best by 7.5 seconds (didn't realize this til I got home) , but I placed 2nd in Overall Female Masters (40-44 age group). Luckily the "6 minute milers" took the morning off!

What keeps you going?

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  1. Mine is pretty close to Tom's.
    I am so proud of my sister!!!!