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Friday, April 22, 2011

GSP in print and on DVD

Another really good magazine has hit the stands geared towards MMA conditioning and training. This is the premier issue of "Train Hard Fight Easy" featuring an in depth interview with GSP and his trainers. The article is written by UFC commentator Joe Rogan and explores GSP's training with side bar interviews of his coaches. Ironically, GSP claims he only does olympic lifts once a week, all the rest of his conditioning occurs through sparring, wrestling and pad work. No crossfit, no circuits and no roadwork. He says the footage of him on Spike; waking up early to run through the snow laden streets of Montreal was just done to make the prefight documentary more interesting.

This is interesting since GSP is the spokesperson for a new DVD series called Rushfit. The DVD's are similar to Beachbodys P90X but feature more MMA specific drills. I bought the series which was developed by BJJ practioner Eric Owings. I have been doing the workouts inbetween my BJJ classes for the past few weeks. So far I am really happy with the workouts, I wanted a functional training program as opposed to just strength training. I like to train exercises that will direclty help me move better in BJJ. These workouts are geared for metabolic conditioning including lots of level changes, sprawls, burpees, air squats, hindu pushups, getups, plyometrics etc... The seven discs consist of five, 5 minute rounds and some of the rounds are dedicated completely to BJJ drills. The price of the collection is only 89.99 which is a fair price.

Back to the magazine, it is nice to see a new magazine emerge that has tons of content and a nice layout. I used to buy alot of different magazines on all sorts of topics but lately the competition from the internet is driving them out of business. Some that are still on the news stands tend to be more advertisments than information. This magazine is the opposite, it is full of content that covers topics important to BJJ trainees such as routines, sleep, diet, training and articles by an A-list of MMA coaches. Check it out.

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