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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Poor Guy Can't Win

Posted by Jen

Training with Tom has helped strengthen our relationship. We share a common interest, we motivate and encourage each other and we both keep fit. However, I have found one challenge in keeping it from getting personal.

Earlier this week Tom was having a good night. He tapped me out a couple of times and I didn't handle it well. For the rest of the night he heard from me "You're too strong..too's not fair!" These thoughts don't even come to my mind when I roll with the other guys - only Tom. When I realized I was wrong, I apologized and made him promise that he wouldn't go easy on me the next time.

Last night was a little better. I was able to sweep him a few times. But instead of enjoying the success, I said “I told you not to go easy on me!” He tells me he didn’t, but seriously, what's his better option - dominate me in a 6 minute roll or enjoy a night without me complaining?

So there it is - the hard part about training with Tom is learning to keep my personal feelings aside. Whether he does good or bad against me, there are nights when the guy just cannot win.

Why share this? Our relationship works because we admit when we're wrong, and I know I'm wrong here. Moving forward I will try to stop focusing on what he's doing and focus on my own training! This is going to be a hard one!

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  1. Haha, yes!

    I'm guilty of accusing my BF for going easy on me :(
    But when he does go hard, ( and I certainly do notice haha!) he makes sure to let me know afterward, that I had a good attempt at surviving :P